Feel like you can never “stick” to eating well?

Find the sweetness beyond sugar addiction and emotional eating in this 4 week program so you can peacefully say no to food that you know you don't even want.

Find a life and diet in alignment with your goals and free up mind space to live your life to its full potential. You can be THAT person!


You’re up to date with the trends, you follow all the cool progressive nutritionists, you’ve read the books, tried the diets, followed the programs, had the tests done.


You’ve watched the Goop documentary. Who doesn’t love a little Gwyneth in their lives.


You understand health is important.


You see the power of a healthy lifestyle.


You know, mostly, what the good food choices are.


But you sometimes find yourself not following through, you eat food you know you don’t actually want, you binge and over eat on stuff that doesn’t even taste that good, and you look around wondering how some people just eat well without even having to think about it. And you feel like sometimes it’s totally consuming your mind, and you can’t think about anything else.


You look at some of your friends and wonder what secret do they have?


You set yourself plans and goals, and you stick to them for a week, maybe two, maybe even longer.


But you feel like at any moment, you’re going to lose it, you’re going to break the rules and you know that’ll throw you totally off course for weeks and months to come…


Until you get fed up and decide you’re going to be strict again, you start looking for the next best diet.


But the same thing happens… You lose your way a little bit. It may be as bad as binge eating, or maybe its as mild as mindlessly snacking because you are bored.


And you feel guilty, confused, frustrated and annoyed at yourself when you don’t follow what you’ve told yourself to.


You see people like Gwyneth and you think… If I had the time/ money/ freedom for private chefs, amazing nutritionists, personal trainers and nannies, then I’d have the effort to eat well.


Well this is one belief I love shattering. You don’t need that to eat well.


You can have it all! You can eat in a way that supports your best self and that fits with your lifestyle.


Perhaps you can blame my natal chart (I’m a true Aries), but I’m the kind of person who thinks I can have whatever I want.


I used to be just like you, but I knew there was another way.


I wanted to both enjoy my life, be at a weight I feel confident in, feel flexible with food and with my life and most of all, I wanted to be “one of those people” that naturally eats well.


I didn’t want to stress about it anymore!


If I took all the time back, all the hours I spent worrying about what I should or shouldn’t be eating, imagine what I could have done with that time!


Well I don’t need to imagine because I reached it (#Aries again) and even though I’m by no means perfect and have slip ups all the time, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to free up space in my mind for other things, in fact if I hadn’t been through this, you wouldn’t be reading this at all because I never would have had the time and confidence to run my own business.


It started as my own research for my own benefit. And after testing and refining the process on all of my clients, I’ve now developed a succinct framework and four week process that works every time.


It’s what I secretly use on clients that I give nutrition plans to (they don’t even know most of the time), although before I work with them I let them know I am no normal nutritionist and will ask them questions that seem totally unrelated to their diets.


And that’s because there is so much that affects what you eat!! And being told what to or what not to eat is just not effective enough at actually creating lasting change.

I Want That Too!

Why such a focus on sugar?


Sugar is inherently addictive.


If you can’t stop at one cookie... 


Or you eat dessert past the point of fullness, or you cave to the ice cream in your freezer after a tough Tuesday at work despite the fact that you "started a diet" on Monday...




Sugar is addictive and it’s an emotional and habitual relationship.

On top of that, there are parts of our environment (including some shonky diet advice we’ve all been given) that make it impossible to eat well, yes, impossible

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve spent years helping people peacefully close the door on their sugary habits, through my satisfying delicious recipes and my unusual mental approaches to eating and health in general. But I’ve always avoided giving out meal plans, because I know for a fact that nutrition alone isn’t enough to really change the way you see food and sugar.

So I’ve packaged up everything I’ve learnt into The Sweetness Beyond Sugar.

I want everyone to feel GOOD about eating. I see too many people with such negative energy around food - they think it’s naughty or it’ll make them fat or it’ll cause stress. And it breaks my heart.

Food is beautiful and eating is our greatest connection to the earth. It provides us with the magic that is what we eat, which not only gives us life itself, but a life we love, allowing us to thrive and feel amazing every single day.


Junk food is designed to be irresistible.


And although found in nature, the amount of sugar we are exposed to is far greater than our natural body can tolerate.

Our physiology "fails us" and we become addicted to sugar. We can’t stop at one, and even though we tell ourselves over and over again that "this week we won’t cave", we may last only a few days by sheer willpower, but the second we have a stressful day, that willpower goes out the window and there we are standing in the kitchen half way through a bag of Maltesers before we’ve even finished putting the groceries away. We’ve all been there.


One of the most common questions I get asked is...


How do you always eat well? Don’t you ever slip up?

How can you possibly not eat sugar?

The answer really should be simple. Don’t eat sugar.

But we all know it’s not that simple is it?

The only way to free yourself from sugar is to not want it in the first place. But how do you do that?


In The Sweetness Beyond Sugar I’ll teach you exactly how I went from craving sugar (despite eating a “really healthy” diet and counting every last chia seed only to binge on junk on the weekends), to being totally at peace with how I eat, appreciating every mouthful and never feeling stressed around food. Not to mention maintaining a lower weight with ease without ever having to count a calorie or enter numbers into an app.

I Want That Too!

"I’ve been there. And I’m never going back.

It doesn’t feel good when food controls you, and despite all your efforts to eat well, it sometimes seems like everyone else has got it figured out, and you wonder what you are missing.

You can find joy in food. I know you can because I’ve found it myself!"

This program is not about restriction. It's about feeling at peace with what you eat. It's about not feeling like you are at war with the fridge.

It's about eating from a place of who you know you are! It's about self wroth and self respect!


This is not a meal plan.

It’s a specialised framework using specific dietary interventions and proven behavioural techniques to prevent emotional eating and axe cravings at the source, for lasting change.

The Sweetness Beyond Sugar is based on a different approach to eating well, where we look at your food choices holistically, we figure out why you can’t say no, why you eat the way you do and how to change. If you wanted a standard nutritionist that follows all the rules, you’ll have to head somewhere else.

This is the process I take my private clients through, so I can ensure they’ll actually change for life, and what I use myself daily to eat well without even having to think about it.


There are 4 pillars I work on with everyone.

  1. Internal motivation
    • Me telling you what to do isn’t enough to help you change
    • I’ll go deep within you to find exactly what you individual internal motivation is
  2. Habit
    • A lot of what we eat is down to habit. The problem is willpower alone is not enough to change a habit for life (and it’s an incredibly strenuous difficult process). If you can change your habits, you see results without even having to try.
    • I’ll teach you how to easily change a habit, and we’ll figure out what your commonalities are - most people aren’t even aware of their habits!
  3. Diet
    • Sugar addiction. Sugar is addictive and I can’t be convinced otherwise. If you are addicted to sugar, you’ll never be able to stick to anything because sugar addiction is just too strong for us humans to get on top of.
    • Lucky for you I’ve helps thousands of people quit sugar (in fact that is how many of you came across my work in the very early stages)
    • Diet hacks: There are so many simple things everyone can do that prevent you from “caving in to junk”, no matter what your dietary preferences are - Spoiler alert, no strict meal plan to follow!
  4. Stress management and grounding
    • Simply if you are stressed, this will prevent any progress with health
    • Coupled with our work on habits, we’ll tackle emotional eating with my special methods that don’t require months in a psychologist’s office working through your childhood trauma.
I'm Ready To Change My Life

"My boyfriend brings Tim Tams back and other biscuits and I ACTUALLY DO NOT WANT THEM"

"Liv since starting Sweetness Beyond Sugar it really has allowed my beliefs to be concrete. The idea for me wasn't to not ever have sugar again... It was to be able to not rely on it in my every day. It's been like 3 weeks now and I'm so proud of myself.

If I'm out with friends and we have a drink I'll do it but I wanted to remove it from my home.

Understanding everything more about what my body needs has helped a lot too.

But the fact that my boyfriend brings Tim Tams back and other biscuits and I ACTUALLY DO NOT WANT THEM.


- Britt V, Sweetness Round 1 Graduate

What's Inside

4 x Live 60 Minute Mentoring + Workshop Sessions

Each week we'll go through a behaviour to change, a diet shift to make and motivation and accountability to keep it going. 

4 x Live Coffee Chat Q&A Sessions

We'll all virtually meet up live (with a coffee or tea) to discuss how you went with the changes, what roadblocks you came up with and clear up any questions for another week of success.

Intimate Community Of Likeminded Friends

There's no need to hide your struggle anymore. Join an intimate group of others in the same position as you, learn from each other and go on this journey together!

Let's Make It Even Sweeter

Liv's Signature Every Meal Formula

It can be hard to figure out what to eat when life gets in the way. With my signature meal formula that I use for every meal, you'll never have to question what food to choose ever again!

Pantry Staples Checklist

Set yourself up for success by removing the junk food from your pantry and filling it with these shelf-stable staples. With a few fresh items you buy weekly you can make an endless variety of meals no matter what.

15 Minute No-Prep Meals

Time doesn't need to stand in the way of you living your healthiest life. These satisfying recipes (that follow my signature formula) are on the table in less time than it takes to order takeaway. 

Eating Out Guide

Eating well should always account for lifestyle. Maybe you hate cooking or you have to eat out a lot to fit in with your schedule. This tutorial will guide you through what to order so you don't fall off the wagon every time you have an event or want to go to a nice restaurant! 

Hear from the beautiful participants of last years program...

I loved how easy it was to follow the content. Life is hard enough buying endless recipe books and only making a max of five dishes. With sweetness beyond sugar … it doesn’t focus on how to make a recipe. it focuses on the mindset and then gives you the tools to have the knowledge to just put a dish together with an amazing algorithm! When you know you Know!! Wow love it!!!


I feel incredibly empowered with Liv's tips and tricks under my belt. I found that once I identified my "Why" in vivid detail, I reached next level motivation and a reinvigorated way of thinking that ultimately helped me make better food choices that make me feel good! Despite having slipped up a few times over the four weeks, I didn't beat myself about it because I'm only human. Prior to Liv's program, I always felt so guilty and lost after slipping up. Now I'm able to accept it and quickly return to my "Why" to steer me back on track. Also, my skin has been loving all the veges and healthy fats!

Signing up to this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made 

Emily V

I love the concise scientific information Liv provided. It helped very much to understand how, what and why, then being give the tools to go forward. I loved the workshops and all of the recipes and access to cookbooks too! I also loved how most of this work is psychological and starting from habits. This was really inspiring information in shaping and transforming a perspective.


It starts with respecting my true self first, I have minimal if not any sugar now, and no natural sugars in my diet. I’m calmer, more relaxed around food (a work in progress) and I have made incredible progress whole recovering from my eating disorder. I can understand this course could be triggering for ED patients, for me it was a miracle and came at the right time in my healing journey. Liv is such a lovely person and so passionate, I’ve followed Liv’s Instagram for at least a decade and I am always so interested in her message and mission.



Liv is knowledgeable and shows passion to help people take control of their food and craving addictions. She goes into the science behind why we are addicted to food and why it’s not our fault we are in an endless yo yo dieting phase!

Since starting her program I haven’t eaten junk food. Once!

I feel empowered with my food choices and my mind is free as I’m not constantly stressed thinking about food or craving junk food anymore. I enjoy the meals I make and love baking delicious snacks.

This is truly a lifestyle change and her energy resonated with me that she doesn’t offer strict meal plans, there is no calorie counting, this is up to you and she provides the guidance. She teaches you about your body, why we are all addicted and how we can shift this by understanding how food and chemicals are processed in the body. Learning about insulin is a game changer.

Liv doesn’t just focus on nutrition, she focuses on your health holistically. Thank you for all you have given me Liv, I feel empowered and want to nourish my body every day, I am also working towards creating the dream life I’ve always wanted.


Feel like you just don't have it in you? 

I've been there. 

For many of us, life gets in the way of health. And when it comes to changing our health habits, we think "I just don't have the space right now, I'll start later when [insert life event or responsibility] is over".

The problem with this is that there is never a right time. 

Read that again. 

When it comes to your health, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is today. 

This is it.

This is your last weekend of feeling guilty about food.

This is the last time you spend Sunday evening going over everything you ate that was bad or naughty.

This is the last time you wonder “why can’t I stick to anything”

This is the last time.

But it’s also the first time.

It’s the first time you can feel good about enjoying food.

It’s the first time you can look forward to wholesome nourishing food, and not even have a single thought about junk food.

It’s the first time you can explore what it means to be aligned in your eating choices.

And it’s the first time you can say goodbye to being controlled by the lure of sugar or junk food.

I’m not promising you’ll never eat sugar again. In fact, I want you to eat it occasionally if you want it. But the difference is, you’ll choose it, you’ll be in control and you’ll feel amazing afterward.

Most of the time, people are controlled by sugar, but we’re going to place that power back in your hands.

An aligned and centred person isn’t governed by the fleeting things that catch your attention. An aligned and centred person is governed by their true self. And that true self doesn’t need to distract themselves with emotional eating.

I want you to tap in to your full potential. 

And I can't wait to see the person you are in just 4 weeks time. 

Join us. 

Liv xx

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